Day 19 Luke 4: 16-30, Matt 13: 54-58, Mark 6: 1-1a. Rejection at Nazareth

One of my favorite scriptures is the Luke portion of our reading today.  

Guided reflection:

  1. What was it that Jesus read to the people from the scriptures in his home town?
  2. What is included in the list of things the Spirit had anointed Him to do?
  3. Since we are the hands and feet of Jesus, are these still our “to do list”?
  4. How did the people respond?  They took offense!   Why?  They thought he was a nobody…. Ever felt limited because you were considered“less than”? 

Guider Prayer:

“O God, you have anointed us to preach good news, to release the oppressed, heal the brokenhearted… but we hold back and choose not to get involved because we might get the same response Jesus received:  “Who do you think you are?”  We forget that WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE LIVING GOD!  Amen!”