Day 18: Matt 4: 12-17, Mark 1:14-15, Luke 4: 14,15 1st Preaching in Galilee

Now that he has completed his time of temptation, he jumps right in and gets started with his mission.  Luke states that he returned in the power of the Spirit to Galilee…Jesus is empowered and ready to go!  And, he is “glorified by all” – talk about making a good first impression!

Guided reflection:

  1. His cousin, John, has been arrested… and he takes over the call to repent.  That is where Jesus begins with us:  we face ourselves and then we must decide if we want to stay the way we are or if we want to have a new beginning… where are you today?
  2. What would be the report of others about the way you live your life?  Would their opinion match God’s?
  3. Are you empowered by the Spirit?  What empowers you?

Guided prayer:

“God of wonder, grant us the courage to just get on with our calling instead of waiting until another day.  Empower us with your spirit.  Amen”