Day 16: Matt 3:13-17, Mark 1: 9-11, Luke 3: 21-22 The Baptism of Jesus

This is the story of Jesus being baptized by John.  Matthew wrestles with us: why Jesus needed to be baptized – was he identifying with us as sinners?  He, who knew no sin, did not need to be “cleansed”.   I believe this was Jesus’ time of identifying himself as the Son of God. 

Guided reflections: 

1.  In Matthew, the voice of God says “ THIS is my beloved son…”   in the other two 

versions, the voice of God says “YOU are my beloved son”.   Do you know that is God’s opinion of you?  Do you know you are “beloved”? 

2.  Do you see the three parts of the trinity listed here – Father, Son, Holy Spirit?

Guided Prayer:

“O God, we want to hear your voice say that we are your beloved.  Help us as we struggle to know our identity in you.  In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen!”